Frequently Asked Questions about the Service

What's going on here?

The service analyzes bookmakers' lines and searches for surebets (arbitrage situations), middles and valuebets. More details in the About section.

How to register on your website and make payment?

Detailed instructions are provided here.

By paying the amount specified in the monthly plan, for what period of time will I have access to the service?

The prices listed are for one calendar month of service usage. That means if you pay on the 1st of July, your subscription will expire on the 1st of August. If you pay on the 22nd of March, your subscription will expire on the 22nd of April. If you pay on the 28th of February, your subscription will expire on the 28th of March.

Add a new bookmaker

Please vote for a bookmaker (suggest it for voting) here. We monitor the list of bookmakers that our users want to see on the site. The most popular bookmakers will eventually be added to the list of scanned sites.

Add a new feature

If you have an idea that we could implement, please write to us in our feedback form. Your suggestion will be considered.

Remove a feature or bookmaker

Each of the bookmakers or features that you see on our website has been added by users' requests. Therefore, we will not remove any of them. If someone does not like a particular function or a bookmaker, (s)he can simply ignore or disable it without preventing other users from continuing to use it. (To disable a bookmaker, find it in the Bookmakers filter, press on the triangle button next to the bookie's name, and then click on the trash icon in the dropdown window.)

Please recommend the best bookmakers for sports betting

We list hundreds of bookmakers, but we leave it to the user's discretion to choose the most reliable and reputable sportsbooks. The rating of international bookmakers can be viewed here. The ones that we can suggest are: Pinnacle, Bwin, Coral, Ladbrokes, Sbobet. Betting exchanges are safe too – Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq, Smarkets. For Russian-speaking users we can recommend Marathon, Betcity, FonBet, Leon, Pari.

How to interpret the markets listed on your website?

We have an article explaining Markets. The quickest way to find the mentioned market/odds on the bookmaker's website is to use our SureBetSlip browser extension. It cleans up redirection from our website and a bookmaker will not be able to track it.

I have noticed good odds when browsing bookmakers' lines, that could make a surebet, but your service does not reflect them

There can be two reasons for this:

  1. Our service filters the found surebets in such a way, that it leaves only most profitable ones for a given event and set of bookmakers. This is done to avoid displaying essentially the same surebet several times. So perhaps our site has found a more profitable surebet for the same bookmakers.

  2. Our service has indeed failed to parse them. But if you inform us about this surebet and where you found it, we will teach our search engine to detect it.

Surebets/valuebets do not match the bookmaker's lines

Again, there can be two reasons for this:

  1. The odds have changed since the last scan of this bookie. The next scan will take this into account.
  2. Congratulations! You have detected a bug in the scanner and we would be grateful if you could let us know which odds do not match reality.

You say that you run scans every few minutes, but I can see that it takes much longer

The scan time sometimes indeed exceeds the comfortable limits. However, we are making efforts to optimize and speed up the process.

Your surebet is not true (and other bugs/glitches)

Our service keeps growing and evolving, and mistakes sometimes occur. If you report them to us, we will do our best to fix them all. Complain about bugs, spare no effort!