17 Mayıs 2024, Cuma  » 

Scan improvements

  • New twins: Melbet (KE) and Melbet (MN) for Melbet
  • Added to SureBetSlip browser extension: Crystalbet, iForBet, MyStake, Parimatch (BR), Retabet (ES), STS, Svenska Spel
  • For Efbet (ES), added more markets
  • Minor UI improvements of the Calculator
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  10 Mayıs 2024, Cuma  » 

Tournaments filtering added

  • New basic bookmakers: Misli (AZ), Raybet
  • New twins: Spinanga, BetNFlix, Sevenplay for KTO; Bilyoner, Oley for Nesine; Nordicbet (DK) for NordicBet; Lootbet (ESPORT) for Gamdom (Esports)
  • Tournaments added to the Filter
  • Minor changes introduced into the Bookmakers filter
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  4 Mayıs 2024, Cumartesi  » 

Sort Direction as a new option in the Filter

  • New bookmakers: Betcris (PL), Betters (together with its twin Goplusbet), BetUK, VirginBet, 3et (SITE) (it has more line offerings compared to the regular 3et)
  • Pokerstars (FR) is now a separate basic bookmaker
  • Bet365 is now represented by two bookmakers in the filter: Bet365 (FAST) and Bet365 (FULL). The Fast version has fewer events and precise odds. The Full version may have outdated odds but more events covered (due to less stringent data filtering)
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  27 Nisan 2024, Cumartesi  » 

6 new basic bookmakers and 1 twin

  • New basic bookmakers: Betspeed, Gamdom (Esports), PointsBet, PointsBet (AU), Goldenpark (PT), GoldenVegas
  • New twin: Playdoit for Campeonbet
  • 12Bet is now a twin to Dafabet (OW)
  • Added to SureBetSlip browser extension: Circus (BE), EstorilSolCasinos (PT), Unibet (FR), Etipos (SK), SynotTip (LV), PointsBet, PointsBet (AU), GoldenVegas (BE)
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  20 Nisan 2024, Cumartesi  » 

Similar Bets for valuebets and Filter Reset

  • New basic bookmakers: Etipos (SK), SynotTip (LV)
  • New twins: SynotTip (CZ) and SynotTip (SK) for SynotTip (LV)
  • Updated Betfred: it changed the odds provider
  • A Reset button added to the Filter panel
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  13 Nisan 2024, Cumartesi  » 

Advanced settings to specify mirror sites

  • New basic bookmakers: Crystalbet, Meridian, Meridian (BE), Meridian (PE), Meridian (TZ), Solbet
  • New twins: Meridian (CY) for Meridian; Meridian (AT), Meridian (BA),Meridian (ME), Meridian (RS) for Meridian (BE), P4578 for Pinnacle
  • Sportingbet (RO) removed from bookmakers due to business closure
  • Fixed in SureBetSlip browser extension: EuroBet, Pin-up, TOTOgaming
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  5 Nisan 2024, Cuma  » 

Bug reporting for valuebets, and a few more improvements

  • New basic bookmaker: Cbet (GG)
  • Marathonbet (ES) and Marathonbet (DK) are now basic bookmakers, too
  • Fixed/added to SureBetSlip browser extension: Betsul, Leon, NetBet, Netbet (RO), Stake, SuperBet, Toto, Winamax, Vulkan Bet
  • Added the Complaints option (bug reporting) for valuebets
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  30 Mart 2024, Cumartesi  » 

A massive update of SureBetSlip extension

  • New basic bookmakers: EsporteNet (SP), Nike, Topsport (LT)
  • New twin: BetsBola for Esportenet (BET)
  • Removed Tonybet (UK) due to the website closure
  • Fixed/added to the SureBetSlip browser extension: Betboro, DomusBet (IT), Pinnacle (IT), Sportbet (IT), Surebet247, Betano, Betano (BR), Betano (PT), Fortuna (CZ), Fortuna (PL), GGBet, LeoVegas, MaxLine, Stanleybet (IT), Stoiximan
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  22 Mart 2024, Cuma  » 

New bookmakers and a whole range of improvements

  • Added new basic bookmakers: Fortuna (RO), TeApuesto
  • Restored the scanning of Pixbet; it is a basic bookmaker now
  • For Dafabet (Dafa Sports) and Dafabet (OW) added the Japanese language
  • Added horizontal scrolling to the Sports filter in the mobile version
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  15 Mart 2024, Cuma  » 

Added the PMU (FR) bookmaker and brough back Naijabet

  • A new basic bookmaker: PMU (FR)
  • F12Bet is now a basic bookmaker, not a twin
  • Restored the scanning of Naijabet
  • Fixed the bug of wrong surebet generation for markets: match result and individual total
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  8 Mart 2024, Cuma  » 

Stanleybet (IT) and Marsbet (WISE) added

  • New basic bookmakers: Stanleybet (IT) and Marsbet (WISE)
  • Event storage is more stable now: it will help to minimize cases when surebets are no longer displayed while the odds are still valid
  1 Mart 2024, Cuma  » 

Bookmakers Filter logic improved

  • New basic bookmakers: Apostaganha, Superbet, Superbet88
  • New twins: Vaidebet for BetPix365; MarsBet for Pin-up; Superbet (PL) and Superbet (RO) for SuperBet
  • New bookmakers in SureBetSlip browser extension: Blaze, Estrelabet, Kto, Playbound
  • In the voting list for new bookmakers it is now possible to directly add a bookie to user's filter, if such a bookmaker is already available
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  23 Şubat 2024, Cuma  » 

Bookmakers filter improvements

  • Faster and steadied scanning
  • Filtration settings simplified to become accessible from a single bookmakers’ page
  16 Şubat 2024, Cuma  » 

Calculator UI improvements and Lootbet (SPORT)’s addition

  • Betflip, Casobet, Fairspin, Gamdom, Weiss: new twins added for Lootbet (SPORT)
  • UniBet for Olimpobet and Betmgm (NY) for Bwin: new twins added
  • Betsson (CO) to move to Betsson’s twins
  • Calculator to save window size, with vertical mode optimized for mobile devices
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  9 Şubat 2024, Cuma  » 

New bookmakers

  • Added a new basic bookmaker: Betflag (for Italy)
  • Added new twins: 188Bet (SBK) for 188Bet, Bet365 (NL) for Bet365, and Greatwin for Campeonbet
  • For Betonline (classic) the domain has changed to sports.betonline.ag
  • Set the odds rounding to x.xxx for Pinnacle and <1.01, and to x.xx for the rest
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  2 Şubat 2024, Cuma  » 

Japanese added as a new website language, and other improvements

  • The SureBetSlip browser extension was fixed for 188Bet and added for Betair ES, IT and MBR
  • Sportbet (IT) is now a basic bookmaker with the following twins: StarGame (IT), BetX (IT), BetWill (IT)
  • PlayerWin (IT), EazyBet (IT), Bet9 (IT), Betstars365 (IT) were removed from twins due to the change of their odds provider
  • Added new twins: 188Bet (ZH), Betvictor (ZH)
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